Lower the burden of discovery and analysis
on your compliance teams

Regulatory Research

Find, analyze and build an inventory of rules applicable to your business. ARIA accelerates your regulatory research across regulators, legislations and laws to light-speed. Enable your 1st line-of-defense to find answers to day-to-day operational issues in real-time.

Create Obligations

Convert regulatory text and internal findings into business obligations. ARIA aggregates rules from multiple sources to generate obligations, get comprehensive insights into your obligations by product lines, locations, regulators and business units.

Compliance Maps

Create traceability across your external requirements, obligations, policies, procedures, controls and risks. ARIA identifies compliance gaps and remove redundancies in your policies, procedures, controls and risks.

Scan Horizon

Proactively scan regulatory and internal landscape for changes. You can subscribe to daily and weekly digests of changes by regulator and compliance topics of your interest. ARIA highlights the changes in regulatory text to your current rules.

Automate Impact Assessments

ARIA identifies the impact of regulatory and internal changes to your obligations, policies, processes, controls and risks. Automate your impact assessment process to light-speed and at the same time improve your accuracy.

Business Benefits for Compliance Functions