Augment and evolve your information security function with cognitive AI technology

With work from home, bring your own device (BYOD), cloud adoption, an extension of enterprise boundaries, and sophisticated attack strategies like ransomware, the information security attack surface has significantly expanded. This has resulted in an exponential increase in the scope of controls and policies as well as the number of risks and incidents faced by organizations.

With the expansive amount of information security challenges companies face, they have struggled to prioritize where to focus and how to pinpoint weaknesses. Information security programs need to ensure that their security breach prevention strategies are comprehensive and effective while their spending is optimized to focus on the higher risk areas. 

One of the biggest challenges looming over information security professional is regulatory change management. The pace of change and the compounding effect of the change on the organization is overwhelming. Throwing more resources at this problem and/or implementing workflow tools has not helped as evident by the increasing cost of compliance and non-compliance. 

4CRisk Information Security solution provides predictive analytics-driven decision-making insights, which work to complement the organization’s existing information security frameworks and tools to:

  • Increase Effectiveness. Enable risk-based approach to early identification by evaluating the strength of controls, policies, and incident remediation strategies against one of the most comprehensive lists of global information security standards and regulations.
  • Increase Efficiency. Manage change faster and respond to security breaches instantly by proactively identifying changes in regulatory requirements and standards and tracing them back to the impact these changes have on the information security framework currently in place within the organization.
  • Increase Agility. Optimize the information security program spending by quantifying the impact of the different controls, policies, and remediation practices currently utilized for the different core functions (identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover) thus providing the organization the analytical insights to prioritize their investments. 

4CRisk Information Security Management solution is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solution extracting relevant GRC intelligence and connecting to the company ecosystem in real-time.

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