Business Drivers

I need my AI Platform to.....
  • Provide a secure environment for my company’s data in a robust cloud environment
  • Incorporate Trustworthy AI principles of justice, reliability, privacy and security, inclusivity, transparency and accountability
  • Provide an intuitive AI technology that is proven, yet is continually innovating
  • Attest to our IT and security groups evidence of compliance with international standards and certifications such as SOC2
  • Support an agile product release and upgrade cycle for AI products
  • Support an agile deployment methodology of weeks, not months
  • Support integrations and feeds with the business systems, regulatory data and content applicable to my company
  • Improve the effectiveness of the enterprise taxonomy by harmonizing compliance artifacts

4CRisk’s platform provides a robust, secure, private environment, curated for your organization’s AI-powered processes, incorporating Trustworthy AI and Zero-Trust Security principles

Key Benefits

Effectiveness - 75% reduction of risk of non-compliance with domain-specific AI Model

• AI driven insights show gaps between regulatory requirements mapping and internal control framework
• AI-powered processes effectively zero-in on what is needed to close gaps in compliance

Efficiency - 85%-200% improvement in your team’s productivity withAI-driven processes

• Intuitive interactive diagrams help users quickly connect the dots, helping the organization be more agile
• AI automates tedious and repetitive tasks; highly efficient compared to traditional workflow and analyses

Agility - 150% faster deployment and upgrades for your business, IT and Security teams

• Quickly deploy 4CRisk products, and easily stay current with upgrades
• AWS Cloud in provides a robust andefficient environment for your IT teams

Customer Experience Spotlight

Customer Comment

We have a high degree of confidence in the 4CRisk’s cloud based platform. The technology is based on AWS and Microsoft products. Importantly the stability is very high, and our users are extremely pleased with the ease of use.

- Project Manager, Software Product company

Aria Quote

"I’m Aria, the brains behind our AI powered compliance in 4CRisk products. My platform is state of the art, and, unlike other AI products, provides a private large language model curated to each customers needs, in a robust and secure Cloud environment"

Customer Comment

We are amazed with the ease and speed of deployment as we worked
with 4CRisk s team and products. We were able to get our environment running in a matter of
hours. Our users found the apps intuitive and easy to start using right away. It's taken 1/4 of the time
- 2 weeks vs 2 months - to go live compared to our traditional deployments.

- Project Manager, Financial Firm

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