Reduces your cost of compliance while lowering your risk of non-compliance.

4CRisk Data Intelligence Platform

4CRisk Data Intelligence Platform reduces your cost of compliance while lowering your risk of non-compliance.

Strategic Data Acquisition

The global issue is 900+ global regulators, 300+ million pages of rules and regulatory change every 7 minutes.  The US Congress alone enacts 4 to 6 million words of new laws in each two-year congress. On top of that, add other vital authorities such as lawsuits, court rulings, advisories, and enforcement actions. The resulting data is dominated by unstructured, or free-form regulatory, risk, and compliance text that besiege risk and compliance professionals. search capability and horizon scanners discover new and changes to the compliance data relevant to your business. We significantly lower your cost of compliance and the burden of discovery and analysis on your compliance teams.

Unified Data Lake

Data is the world’s most important resource but has no value when viewed in isolation. Natural Language and Deep Learning models allow you to

Generate relationships between regulatory, risk, and compliance data at scale.  For example, General Data Protection Regulation requirements can be related to the California Consumer Privacy Act, regulator advisories can be compared to the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) and CFR code can be related to laws and acts, and further related to internal policy and control statements

Curate into granular rule types (for example, prescriptive, prohibitive) and rule matters (for example, disclosures, interest rates) from regulations and standards using deep learning classification and clustering algorithms

Generate high-dimensional embeddings based on natural language models that encapsulate the semantics of the rules for faster contextual searches

Transform unstructured data from both external and internal environments into structured content and store it for quick and fast access

Pervasive Automation reduces the manual and effort-intensive tasks of making sense of unstructured data by emulating human intelligence at scale. Our automation empowers users and helps them to

Conduct semantic searches and correlate rules across regulators, standards, legislation, internal policies and controls

Classify and cluster rules by product line, legislation, rule type, and rule matter

Generate summarized obligations across-related rules

Identify design deficiencies in obligations, rules, policies, and internal controls.

Automate impact assessment of internal and external changes to enterprise

Detect trends from risk assessments, incidents, and customer complaints

Transformative Solutions for the Digital Age

‘Foresee Risk and Compliance from a new perspective’

Visualize rules across regulators, legistations and standards in an interactive 3-dimensional format

Map rules, obligations, policies, procedures and controls using 4CRisk natural language models

Visualize the impact of regulatory changes across jurisdiction's obligations, policies and controls