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Measure And Maintain Visibility Into Your InfoSec Posture

The complexity of InfoSec is intensified by multi-device, multi-vendor, multi-layered environments.

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The complexity of InfoSec is intensified by multi-device, multi-vendor, multi-layered environments. Gaining visibility and analyzing information across the security landscape with cognitive technology enables security teams to quickly gain insight into whether they need to investigate deeper, prioritize efforts, escalate to management, and/or provide an influx of strategic investment. This is the first step in effectively improving your organization’s security posture to remain resilient.

Focusing on key parameters related to your business is critical for measuring and maintaining your desired InfoSec posture. Your risk appetite plays a significant role in determining these factors. Aligning the right tools and techniques (including cognitive technologies) with the risk tolerance and thresholds will ensure that the InfoSec program reflects the InfoSec posture.


Christine Horwege

Director, CGI

Christine is a director within the CGI Federal Division’s cybersecurity enterprise programs and emerging technology, she has over 20 years of experience successfully driving transformation through enterprise program development, implementation, and management. Throughout her career, she has partnered with government and commercial entities to enhance information, cyber risk and security programs that focus on enterprise risk, technology, data policy, and compliance. Her technology enablement focus has been on Governance, Risk and Compliance big data solutions.


Elizabeth Abraham

VP, Customer and Partner Success,

With 25+ year experience in the governance, risk, and compliance space, Elizabeth has experienced the complex and dynamically changing environment from numerous perspectives. Working as a practitioner and advisor to numerous fortune 500 clients, she has the insight to understand the influence internal and external factors have on an organization’s ability to comply with corporate and regulatory mandates. She is also keenly aware of the benefits technology enhancements play in strengthening the internal control framework.

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