Gain a holistic view of your compliance programs to understand external obligations and the linkage to operational initiatives

Complying with regulations is essential to maintaining a competitive edge. By driving cognitive technologies into your Regulatory Compliance Management, you gain the advantage of being able to identify rules, assess compliance risk, improve internal control environment, and keep pace with an evolving regulatory, business, and external risk landscape. AI-powered solutions in conjunction with advanced compliance techniques allow stakeholders involved in the compliance program to be proactive and strategic and improve regulatory productivity. 4CRiak enables organizations to:

  • Identify Obligations. Develop an actionable and strategic inventory of requirements and changes
  • Create Traceability. Ensure your operational programs, policies, procedures, and controls are aligned with your applicable obligations
  • Manage Changes. Improve response for categorizing new standards and handling and accessing the impact of modifications across the enterprise

4CRisk’s Regulatory Compliance solution ensures your systems and programs are compliant with pertinent laws and regulations. Our cognitive technology driven solution adds value by:


  • Identify new risks, laws, and regulations through our advanced search engine
  • Certify against new revisions, new obligations and changing regulations in days vs. months
  • Drive transparency and linkage of information to improve insight and ensure strategic business alignment


  • Respond to incidents and breaches faster by quickly identifying failed controls, procedures, and policies
  • Quickly understand the context of changes to measure associated risks and business impact
  • Understand ever-changing laws, regulations, court rulings, amended standards, and corporate common control framework to auto-suggest remediation plans with policy change or control redesign


  • Create and regulate a full spectrum of global regulations aligned with business and control objectives
  • Assess effectiveness of internal controls and compliance practices against industry benchmarks
  • Build requirement inventories that are strategic and give business competitive advantage

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