Leverage predictive analytics to enhance your existing Information Security program and tools.

Posted On:
March 7, 2022

Leverage AI (artificial intelligence) to enhance business Information security tools, programs and governance framework with 4CRisk.ai Infosec solution.

Build an actionable and strategic inventory of requirements

  • Identify applicable requirements from a comprehensive digital library of global InfoSec standards, frameworks, and regulations using advanced search engine
  • Create and maintain inventory of requirements/standards by products, assets, services, etc. across jurisdictions, product lines and other categories
  • Integrate policies, procedures, controls, and risks with the search engine to have a comprehensive view of your external obligations and internal mandates

Assess the design and operational effectiveness of internal control framework

  • Create traceability between requirements/standards inventory with enterprise taxonomy (policies, procedures, controls, risks, issues etc.)
  • Assess the design effectiveness of your internal control framework against any information security standards in real-time and take remedial actions proactively
  • Assess the operational effectiveness of your internal control framework against any information security standards and improve your time to remediation

Improve time-to-market for certifying new standards and managing changes

  • Certify control frameworks against any information security standard in days versus months
  • Proactively monitor, identify, and notify changes across IS standards, frameworks, and regulations
  • Auto-suggest the next set of remedial actions based on prescriptive analytics that quantifies non-compliance and risk exposure

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