Identifying regulatory requirements and auto-creating rule books with the AI powered Regulatory research

Posted On:
March 7, 2022

Financial institutions operate within overlapping webs of laws and regulations. Regulatory research is the process by which enterprises find, analyze and build an inventory of rules. A single repository of multiple authoritative sources is maintained, which helps in avoiding complexity.

Human effort intensive Regulatory Research today 

Your Current Process

Time Consuming , difficult to maintain and low confidence.
Financial Institutions today rely on highly skilled compliance professionals who spend a lot of time identifying the applicable laws and regulations to their business. It's a complex process to respond to regulatory changes and assess the impact of current and upcoming laws and regulations. Moreover, this is all a manual process that lacks consistency and lowers confidence.

Future of Regulatory Research with

ARIA powered regulatory research, speeds up rule-book creation while raising accuracy. It allows financial institutions to automate the task of identifying all material laws and regulations from multiple sources of information in a single space and evaluate the applicability of these laws and regulations to their business. It enables compliance officers to make business decisions quickly, easily, and consistently, boosting confidence.

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