​​Accelerating Value with AI-Powered Regulatory Research 

Posted On:
April 3, 2024

Explore the challenges facing regulatory research teams and understand the beneficial impact for organizations transforming to sustainable, AI-powered compliance programs.

Executive Summary

In this eBook, we look at the potential of integrating AI-powered tools into day to day compliances processes, in particular, regulatory research. Our goal is to demonstrate how AI can be a transformative force in addressing the multifaceted challenges woven into the fabric of compliance, within the dynamic landscape of modern business.

This eBook serves as a comprehensive guide, delving into the trends and challenges in regulatory research, followed by the benefits of leveraging AI-powered tools. We show how, step by step, AI can transform your business processes, supporting legal, government relations, privacy, security, IT, compliance and risk professionals. We walk through an example to show how 4CRisk’s Regulatory Research product helps you gain value quickly, with an outstanding ROI. We conclude the eBook with a discussion on how organizations can achieve sustainable, AI-powered compliance.

 4CRisk.ai’s AI-powered Regulatory Research product allows professionals to seamlessly search authoritative sources and specific regulatory agencies, including the Federal Register, to identify regulations, rules, laws, standards, guidances and news. The product then builds curated rule books applicable to your organization and finally generates business obligations, merged across similar sources, aligned with your legal requirements.

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