Proactively identify regulatory and internal changes and impacts with AI powered Scan Horizon

Posted On:
March 7, 2022

Scan Horizon is the process of tracking and monitoring regulatory changes. It proactively scans the regulatory and internal landscape for changes. It involves identifying change, contextualizing the degree of change versus current rules, and understanding the changed rules to perform subsequent impact analysis.

Intensive human effort for Scan Horizon today

Your Current Process

Manual, noisy and error prone

Financial institutions hold large scan horizon teams that manually scan authoritative sources to identify all notifications for proposed and final changes. The regulatory triage team then maps the changes to existing rules, highlights the context, degree of change, pinpoints the exact nature of the change, and communicates with stakeholders who perform the impact assessment and change management processes.

Future of Scan Horizon with

ARIA powered SCAN HORIZON solution proactively identifies and notifies the change across regulators, parts, and compliance topics. It provides insights into the proposed and current state. It automates the task of tracking and monitoring all changes to material laws and regulations across multiple sources. It notifies the user on a daily and weekly basis about the changes for stakeholders to conduct a needed impact assessment.

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