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April 09, 2024

Meet Ask ARIA Co-Pilot– 4CRisk’s new Conversational AI Co-Pilot for Enterprise Compliance and Risk

We are pleased to announce our latest product, Ask ARIA Co-Pilot – our highly intuitive, easy-to-use, private, and secure Conversational AI product for first, second, and third-line professionals.

Meet Ask ARIA Co-Pilot!

We are pleased to announce our latest product, Ask ARIA Co-Pilot – our highly intuitive, easy-to-use, private, and secure Conversational AI product for first, second, and third-line professionals.

  • has combined our language models trained on risk, compliance, and regulatory corpora with a role-based access controlled informational retrieval component to create this safe, closed-domain, highly reliable Conversational AI tool
  • Ask ARIA Co-Pilot provides up-to-date, contextually relevant answers to complex queries covering your enterprise information: compliance artifacts, policy, procedures, contracts, standards, and controls
  • Ask ARIA Co-Pilot to analyze an organization’s documents and obligations to answer day-to-day business questions – saving up to 90% of time and effort spent on hard-to-answer questions.

What sort of things can I do with Ask ARIA Co-Pilot?

Think about an area in your business where colleagues, partners, or customers ask questions. Sometimes you have this information at your fingertips, and sometimes you don’t. With Ask ARIA Co-Pilot, you can retrieve reliable  answers to questions in seconds. What you can query depends entirely on the type of information you load onto the private and dedicated knowledge base of ASK ARIA Co-Pilot.

Since we work primarily in enterprise information, this typically means specific answers to deeply embedded (and often hard to access) compliance artifacts, policies, procedures, contracts, standards, and controls - and more! You could load other documents as well: contracts, plans, assessments and so on – and with 4CRisk’s robust security, role-based access and audit trails, the whole process is safe and secure.

Example questions:

  1. What risks are faced by customers when migrating to the cloud?
  2. What are the components included in background checks?
  3. What sort of capability do SAAS providers provide for reading data?

How will Ask ARIA Co-Pilot to help our teams?

First-line business operations, as well as second-line compliance and risk professionals, risk analysts, policy owners, and authors, among many others, may use Ask ARIA Co-Pilot to refer to documents such as policies and procedures based on enterprise obligations and standards. Here are some top-line benefits for enterprise teams: 

  • First- and Second-Line User Empowerment: by providing an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for retrieving information, to serve customers, partners colleagues, Ask ARIA Co-Pilot enhances team productivity and self-sufficiency.​ 
  • Subject Matter Expert Time Optimization: by automating responses to common inquiries, team members are freed to focus on more strategic tasks and complex problem-solving, helping organizations improve and grow.​ 
  • Increase Insights: through analytics gathered from user queries, organizations can identify gaps in knowledge, areas for policy or procedure improvement, as well as training needs – ultimately enhancing overall effectiveness.​ 
  • Enhanced Trust and Loyalty: Explainable and transparent answers foster trust and acceptance among employees, partners and customers. 

Ask ARIA Co-Pilot envisions a future where every organization operates with an intelligent communication infrastructure, empowering employees of all levels with instant access to information, streamlining workflows, and providing data-driven insights for continuous improvement.

What Sort of Benefits can I expect to see with Ask ARIA?

Again, think about an area in your business where questions are asked by colleagues, partners or customers and you don’t have an immediate answer. Perhaps it’s a question that requires further digging, research, and clarification from another expert in a different department. That can take hours or even, in some cases, days to return a concise, accurate, vetted answer. If you could ask ARIA, you could get that answer in seconds.

For example, if 10% of queries result in a clarification loop to the other experts and it takes on average 8 hrs for that to come back, you can assume that you are saving 90% of the time you would have taken to answer those questions.  

 What does that mean for your teams and customers?

Simple: Explainable, transparent answers foster trust and acceptance among employees, partners, and customers.

 You can’t afford not to have this kind of advantage.

What Sets the Ask ARIA Co-Pilot Architecture Apart?

For those who like to dig into the technical details, our AI Architecture consists of 3 major components: Our proprietary Closed-Domain Knowledge Base, the Retriever, and the Response Generator.  Here are some facts about each that should help you understand why Ask ARIA is the safest and most accurate choice for enterprise Conversational AI!

 1. Closed Domain Knowledge Base

  • A curated collection of information specific to your enterprise
  • Data persisted within the four walls of your environment
  • Data API to ingest data from authorized external sources and business systems
  • Information is parsed into logical chunks that encapsulate meta-data and hierarchical information
  • Language models pre-trained on risk, compliance and regulatory corpora domains generate smart vector representations

2.    Retriever

  • The embedding model converts queries to a vector representation
  • Factors business defined role based access control
  • Top 3 results and reference information based on semantic search are returned from the knowledge base

3.    Response Generator

  • Open-source LLM (7B parameters), with its knowledge of language constructs, structures the response
  • LLM resides within the four walls of your environment
  • Operationally more efficient than public domain LLMs
  • Significantly reduces hallucinations, drifting, and data bias
  • LLM is loosely coupled, giving the flexibility to upgrade to new architectures seamlessly

So, there you have it, 4CRisk’s new Conversational AI product – try it out with a free evaluation today!

Would you like a demo to see what 4Crisk products can do for your organization? or click here to register for a demo here. 

4CRisk products: Regulatory Research, Compliance MapRegulatory Change Management, and Ask ARIA Co-Pilot are revolutionizing the way organizations connect regulations with their business requirements.

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