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May 09, 2024

AI-Powered Compliance: Use Cases and Value: Insights from #Risk AI Digital Event

Leading experts from PwC, Guidewire, a US Law School and discuss the immense potential of integrating AI into compliance and risk management

At a recent industry panel hosted by #Risk AI Digital, on March 20, 2024, leading experts from PwC, Guidewire, an East Coast Law School and convened to explore the immense potential of integrating AI into compliance and risk management strategies by discussing AI-powered Compliance use cases and value.

Here's some insights from that 30 min discussion:

AI-Powered Compliance Market Across all Sectors

  • The compliance landscape is rapidly evolving, with artificial intelligence (AI) emerging as an innovative force that could revolutionize how organizations navigate complex regulatory frameworks.
  • The AI market is booming, projected to reach $297 billion in 2027, according to Gartner research. This staggering growth signals the increasing pervasiveness of AI across sectors, with companies making significant investments to harness its power for enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and decision intelligence.

AI is a Game Changer

  • In the field of compliance, AI introduces game-changing capabilities. By continuously tracking regulatory changes in real-time and analyzing their implications, AI empowers organizations to proactively identify areas requiring prompt policy updates. This foresight ensures firms stay ahead of evolving regulations, mitigating compliance risks proactively.
  • As the session highlighted, embracing AI must be accompanied by a strong commitment to social and corporate responsibility. While recognizing AI's inevitability, panelists urged adopting the technology responsibly, with ethical considerations at the forefront. Fostering trust through transparent and accountable AI practices is paramount.

    “AI transparency and governance - It’s important for organizations to have an AI Strategy and Governance model that involves the right people who can take responsibility for prioritizing use cases and the accuracy of data. In particular, it’s critical to deploy a private, closed model with humans in the loop versus simply an open model where data could stream out into the public domain”. – Supra Appikonda, Co-Founder and COO,

Prioritize the Right High-Value Use Cases and Employ Good Governance

  • To maximize AI's benefits, organizations should prioritize compliance processes primed for automation – those that are data-intensive, dynamic, and time-consuming. However, striking the right balance between automation and human expertise is of paramount importance, with AI complementing rather than replacing human judgment, creativity, and insight.
  • AI offers powerful capabilities for regulatory mapping and automating gap analyses between policies and obligations. Its prowess in unstructured data analysis unlocks valuable risk insights from diverse sources like documents, emails, and social media – enabling proactive risk management throughout the organization.

    “Start AI by setting your priorities with high-value use cases. Consider adopting a level of methodology where you can identify compliance processes that are the ones that actually take the most amount of time and manual effort. Understand the nature of data that you have to support.”  - Meera Banerjee, Regulatory Compliance, Investigations & Forensics Partner, PwC

Building a Structured AI Strategy

  • Building a structured AI strategy that aligns technology investments with business objectives is critical. This involves engaging cross-functional stakeholders, establishing clear governance frameworks, and maintaining an agile approach to continuously refine strategies based on evolving requirements and technological advancements.

Data Quality and Security is Key

  • While immensely promising, AI adoption requires addressing challenges like data quality issues. Investing in continuous education empowers teams to leverage AI effectively in an evolving compliance landscape, fostering a culture of lifelong learning and innovation.
  • Effective AI implementation is reliant on robust data governance and literacy within organizations. Having a comprehensive understanding of relevant data assets optimizes AI solutions, while sound data practices ensure quality, consistency, and security.

Responsible AI

  • As the panel underscored, AI integration presents unprecedented opportunities to augment compliance and risk management practices. By embracing AI responsibly, prioritizing high-value use cases, and implementing robust strategies, organizations can surmount regulatory complexities and drive success in an increasingly digitalized business environment.

    “We need to embrace AI and use it with social and corporate responsibility.  It is the wave of the future - we had we had the Abacus and then we had the calculator, then we had computers and now we have  AI.  Embrace it – it is how we will scale in intelligence.”  – Grace Beason,  Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance, Guidewire

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Compliance and Risk Management with

Organizations in today’s dynamic and complex environment are increasingly turning to innovative solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to navigate complex regulatory frameworks efficiently and effectively. Under this backdrop, stands out for its comprehensive suite of AI-powered capabilities tailored to address the evolving needs of modern businesses:

  • Regulatory Research - seamlessly review AI-generated authoritative sources of regulations, laws, and standards to build AI-curated rule books for their organizations.
  • Compliance Map - assess the efficacy of the compliance program by reviewing AI-generated mappings of rulebooks (regulations, laws and standards) to their governance artifacts (policies, procedures, contracts and controls).
  • Regulatory Change Management - proactively keep pace with changes across all applicable regulations and standards while mitigating risks by aligning policies, procedures and controls with required changes.
  • Ask ARIA Co-Pilot - provides immediate, relevant AI-generated answers to complex queries for the front and second line by analyzing an organization’s documents, saving up to 90% of time and effort.

By leveraging the capabilities of, organizations can enhance their compliance and risk management strategies, gaining a competitive edge in today's digitalized and dynamic business and regulatory environment. With AI as your ally, organizations of all sizes and industries can navigate regulatory complexities proactively and with confidence, driving success, stability, and sustainability in the face of evolving compliance and risk challenges.

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4CRisk products:
Regulatory Research, Compliance MapRegulatory Change Management, and Ask ARIA Co-Pilot are revolutionizing the way organizations connect regulations with their business requirements.

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