Accentor Release

Unlock the Power of Our Updated Platform to Modernize Your GRC Processes

ARIA Platform Release: Accentor 2.0

Reduce the Burden of Compliance Mapping, Regulatory Research, and Impact Assessment and Ignite Deeper Analytics.

Packaged features in Accentor 2.0 can help:

Organize unstructured data

Obtain end-to-end compliance visibility

Receive regulatory alerts and access the related impact

Define obligation applicability and group by degree of similarity

Develop a powerful control framework aligned to external obligations

Generate rule categorization, rule books and obligations using AI

Evaluate risks to business operations faster

Enhancements by product include:

Regulatory Research

AI generated rule categorization for all regulatory sources

Enhanced applicability through assigning product lines, locations, business units, legal entities, etc. to rules

Rules grouping and review by the degree of similarity like regulators, applicability, etc.

ARIA generated business obligations from grouped rules summarizing text across your business units, product lines and legal entities

Rule book generation with a single click

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Compliance Maps

Inheritance of applicability defined at rule book level

Enhanced filters with applicability and drill-down capabilities between Sankey, Summary Report, and Traceability Details

Historical versions of record and detailed audit trails maintained

New integration capabilities

Enhanced technical design with quicker response time, scalability and stability

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